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Thank you

29 Mar


Thank you鈥︷煓忊潳

Tenemos la responsabilidad de cuidar y proteger este planeta y los seres que lo habitan.
Es el momento del cambio, est谩 en nuestras manos.
Ofrece Amor, all铆 donde falte.

We have a responsibility to care for and protect this planet and the beings that inhabit it.
It is time for change, it is in our hands.
Offer Love, where it is missing.

11 Feb

Trayendo el inconsciente al consciente, para as铆 entre todos generar un cambio sostenible.

Life does not consist in Judging, but in Experimenting.

Whatever happens, don’t judge it, Experience it.

Bringing the unconscious to the conscious, so that together we can generate sustainable change.

I am Air, I am Fire, I am Water, I am Earth.
馃實 Hanan-Pacha Expedition

Soy Aire, Soy Fuego, Soy Agua, Soy Tierra.
馃實 Hanan-Pacha Expedition