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25 Jan

Trayendo el inconsciente al consciente, para as铆 entre todos generar un cambio sostenible.

What happens if you take away your memory, your memories?
That creativity emerges from there … from the unknown.

Bringing the unconscious to the conscious, so that together we can generate a sustainable change.
I am Air, I am Fire, I am Water, I am Earth.
馃實 Hanan-Pacha Expedition
Soy Aire, Soy Fuego, Soy Agua, Soy Tierra.
馃實 Hanan-Pacha Expedition

Lion Tenderness

24 Jan

Cuando observamos la naturaleza y te integras en ella, puedes ver la ternura y delicadeza en cada Ser, por mucha fiereza que parezcan reflejar.

La Naturaleza siempre expresa Amor en todos sus contextos.

(Video via: mohu movie)

When you observe nature and integrate into it, you can see the tenderness and delicacy in each Being, no matter how fierce they seem to reflect.

(Video via: mohu movie)

22 Jan

The Attention must be focus on what deserves it.

Cat Diego goes for his first swim at the beach! / El Gato Diego nada por primera vez!

24 Mar